Car and Truck Accidents

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In the years 2015 and 2016, Georgia experienced sharp increases in traffic fatalities that were unlike the trends observed over the years prior to 2006. In 2016, traffic fatalities increased 8.5% from 2015 with a 2.7% increase of impaired driving fatalities alone. A similar increase of 2.7% was due to speeding related causes and the sharpest increase in fatalities was due to a 15.8% increase in unrestrained fatalities (GA Governor’s Office of Highway Safety).

Injuries that you or a loved one suffer that result from a driver’s negligence, product defects, or road design can be scary, disorienting, and sometimes even devastating. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and you are unsure of the next step to take, call Tom Trask Personal Law Firm. Our team is dedicated to helping you understand your rights and will work tirelessly to get you the maximum amount of money you deserve.

Sometimes an accident occurs through no fault of your own. The below are three common car accident claims for these not-at-fault accidents:


Negligence is the most common occurrence in a car accident claim. Negligence occurs when the driver who is injured can prove that the defendant failed to adhere to a reasonable standard of care that lead to the accident. This can be a variety of things such as driving while intoxicated, driving distracted, and bus or truck drivers not performing safe driving practices.

Product Defects

If an accident has occurred due to the you or the other driver operating a defective vehicle, a not-at-fault claim could be filed for a product defect. Most often the products that are defected are airbags, brakes, accelerators, and seat belts.

Road Design

Faulty road design, maintenance, and construction can all be factors that lead to accidents through no fault of your own. These instances may include improper signage, barriers and guardrails, unsafe embankments, and dangerous surfaces.

When clients have been injured in an automobile accident, they are often overwhelmed by medical expenses and other bills as an aftermath. This prompts the question: “How much can I win?” Tom Trask Law Firm knows that every case is different and amounts won can vary, but our team will fight to get you compensation for any medical expenses as well as any pain, suffering, and loss of wages that were consequential of the accident.

The compensation for automobile accident lawsuits is broken down into the two categories below:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are also known as compensatory damages and they are awarded for the purpose of compensating the injured victims for monetary losses. Most often, the compensations for economic damages that are awarded tend to be medical expenses and lost wages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are also known as the pain, suffering, and/or mental anguish damages and they are awarded for the purpose of compensating the injured victims for non-monetary injuries. Most often, the compensations for economic damages that are awarded tend to be pain and suffering, mental anguish, punitive damages, and loss of consortium.

Following an injury due to an automobile accident, there are strict deadlines that must be adhered to for the best chance in winning a just compensation. The statute of limitations is the most important deadline which prohibits filing a lawsuit if it is not initiated within a designated time period following the automobile accident or injury. This deadline among others is important to keep in mind when making decisions regarding your next steps after an accident.

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