Personal Injury

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If you or a loved one has been injured, Trask Law Firm knows that the injury impacts your life, your family, and how you plan for your future. We take our responsibility of achieving justice for the injured seriously, and we are dedicated to delivering the very best quality of service. It is paramount that you speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer such as those at Trask Law Firm as soon as possible following an accident or injury. Statutes of limitations are in place in the State of Georgia that limit the frame of time that it is possible for your case to be handled. There are several stages throughout the process of a personal injury lawsuit including the following:

  • Conducting an initial client interview
  • Filing all necessary forms
  • Notifying the opposing party and communicating with the attorney and/or law firm of the other party
  • Attempting to negotiate a pre-litigation settlement and/or filing a lawsuit in court

The path to winning your case and getting the compensation and justice you deserve may appear daunting but with Trask Law Firm you are hiring not just a lawyer but an entire legal support team that is there to build a strong and thorough case for you.

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